Responsible Sourcing & Traceability

We are committed in maintaining a transparent and traceable supply chain system through continuous engagement with all suppliers to trace back to plantations all palm-based materials that we sourced from them.

We promote sustainable practices to our suppliers of palm oil products and require them to adhere to No Deforestation, No Peatland Development and No Exploitation (NDPE) principles.

We have put in place a comprehensive system consisting of policy, guidelines, procedures, and tools to deliver our responsible sourcing commitments. As part of our responsible sourcing commitments, we continue to work on the following priorities:

Trace the supply of palm-based materials back to the plantations.

Assess and evaluate environmental and social risks of existing and prospective suppliers.

Deal with any cases of supplier non-compliance with NDPE principles in accordance with our grievance approach.

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Traceability to Mills ​
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Traceability to Plantations​
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Risk Assessment
of supplying mills risk assessed through desktop and geospatial analysis

*Reporting period: H1-2023


We are certified with RSPO and MSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard (SCCS)