Animal Nutrition

Feed them the best with energy

Feed costs represent almost 70% of the overall cost of farm production, which is why feed selection has a major impact on profitability. Stakeholders are constantly on the lookout for substitute raw materials to remain competitive and achieve profitability.

Innovation in animal feed is paramount for farmers. The ability to scrutinise feed inputs to manage outcome is an art made possible only by working closely between farmers, feed nutritionists and commercial stakeholders. The science behind the success solely relies on trust, and the speed of the execution. The ability to extract the correct margin in every part of the supply chain ensures business profitability.

Here at Premium, we guarantee our stakeholders:
1. A range of high-quality, cost-effective feed products
2. Feed additives that support animal health and performance
3. Consistent and timely deliveries


Cocoa butter is widely regarded as an essential ingredient in chocolate production. PREMIUM offers superior alternatives to cocoa butter (CBS) which are unique lauric based, non-tempered fats which enhances production efficiency and most ideal solutions for compound chocolate and moulded confections. CBS are generally characterized by outstanding moulding properties, excellent melting profiles & flavour release, rapid crystallization.


We understand that energy and fats are among the most complex and difficult to measure in terms of translating into effective performance especially for monogastric animals. That is why we engage ourselves with renowned thought leaders within the industry circle to understand the pain points and how we can efficiently tackle the issue.

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  • LACTOPLUS is an energy supplement in ruminant feed during peak milk yield- increasing milk production, maintaining health, and improving reproductive performance.
  • The rumen bypass fat made from pure vegetable oil based non-hydrogenated fat without any carrier or additives.
  • Produced by selective dry fractionation of palm oil and has a minimum 75% C 16 (Palmitic Acid) which is highly digestible.
  • The product is mostly saturated with a high melting point of minimum 57° C which bypasses the rumen with minimal digestion.
  • High energy supplements ensure nutritional needs of dairy heifers and cows are met while minimising feed costs.
    ✓ High melting points
    ✓ Free of trans fatty acids
    ✓ Free of nickel traces
  • Economical energy source increases energy density of feed
  • High energy content: ME of 8890 Kcal/kg
  • Acetonemia problems are corrected with lower body weight loss
  • Reduces risk of ketosis
  • Improvement of fertility phenomena including calving interval and insemination ratio
  • Non-corrosive, non-pungent and no risk of self-ignition as in calcium soap
  • Pure fat-based product and not made from by-product fatty acid distillate, hence free from Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Not chemically processed or hydrogenated unlike other rumen bypass fat, hence free from residual nickel content
  • LACTOPLUS is not calcium soap of fatty acid distillate or waste restaurant grease, hence considered a green product
Animal feed
25kg kraft paper Polybags


  • PKP is an excellent source of animal feed as it supplies energy, protein and fibre in compound feed for ruminants.
  • The solvent method is used for the extraction of PKP to preserve the quality of nutrients.
  • Minimum heat treatment is utilised to break down shell particles and sharp edges by flaking the kernel to less than 0.3mm during the extraction process.
  • An excellent feed material for ruminants like feedlot and dairy cattle.
  • Gross energy of 4,029 cal/gm
  • Higher shelf life because of lower oil content
  • Lower shell content than mechanically extracted PKE
  • Pelletised for better handling and consumption
  • Consistently available throughout the year
Animal feed
50kg bags


  • FLO is our blend of numerous vegetable-based oils, carefully formulated to enhance growth and feed efficiency for various segments of livestock in maximising return costs for feed manufacturers.
  • Suitable for both ruminant and monogastric animals.
  • 100% vegetable oil
  • High energy supplement
  • Cost Effective
  • Palatable
Animal feed
21 MT flexi bag