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Manufacturing Facilities

With the acquisition of Premium Group in 2011, Goodhope (the parent of Premium) entered into the Edible oils and fats business segment. Both our manufacturing facilities currently in operation are located in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia Since acquisition, the Group has invested in capacity enhancements and continuous improvements initiatives in the key plants.

At present, the Premium Group has a Palm Kernel Solvent Extraction capacity of 600 MT per day and a combined manufacturing capacity for specialty oils and fats of 425 MT per day. All our manufacturing facilities operate adhering to international quality and safety standards, which for us is merely a starting point.

  • Premium Vegetable Oils Sdn Bhd

    Premium Vegetable Oils Sdn Bhd

    The manufacturing facility of Premium Vegetable Oils located in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia manufactures a wide range of specialty fats which include cocoa butter substitutes, cocoa butter replacers, coating fats, creaming fats, milk fat replacers, base fats for chocolate spreads, ice cream fats, palm oil fractions, shortenings, margarine hard stock, vegetable ghee and other fat blends. These fats and oils are produced using palm kernel oil, palm oil, coconut oil and go through a process of  refining, fractionation, hydrogenation and interesterification.

  • Premium Fats Sdn Bhd

    Premium Fats Sdn Bhd

    The Premium Fats manufacturing facility is also located in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia and is a dedicated producer of texturized specialty fats products/specialty margarines, including pastry margarines, low fat spreads, and shortening fats. The facility also undertakes contract packaging services for selected food retailers.