Dairy Fat Substitutes

The dairy industry comprises of products such as milk, cheese, whipping cream, yoghurt and creamers. Dairy Fat Substitutes are high quality vegetable fats with specific characteristics to fulfill requirements of various dairy applications.

Dairy Fat Substitutes offered by Premium complement and enhance the functions of dairy fat in terms of flavor, texture and mouth feel. In addition to these, they also assist producers in reducing raw material cost, while providing nutritional benefits.


  • Milk Fat Replacers

    Milk Fat Replacers

    Premium’s Milk Fat Replacers (MFR) are specially formulated vegetable fat blends that can replace milk fat in various dairy products, including butter blends, cheese, and whipping cream.

  • Cheese Fat Substitutes

    Cheese Fat Substitutes

    Cheese fat substitutes are good sources of carbohydrate and protein and are lower in calorie content than cheese fat.

  • Non-Dairy Creamers

    Non-Dairy Creamers

    Premium’s non-dairy creamer is lauric based, fractionated and hydrogenated. This is a palm kernel oil based substitute and is available in different grades for use as a non-dairy creamer.

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