N’Chox (Transfree)

N’Chox 355E - TF is a transfree, non-hydrogenated CBS (Cocoa Butter Substitute) with all the application characteristics of a traditional hydrogenated CBS. Since tempering is not required, it provides excellent gloss and fast meltdown. 

It is ideally suited for moulded products, compound coatings and couvertures. It can also be used as a non-hydrogenated hard filling with excellent melt down properties. In addition to this, a variety of customizations can be done to the product depending on the different geographical region specific and user specific requirements.


  • No hydrogenation process involved so it is transfree and can be labeled as a “vegetable fat”
  • Can be used in a wide range of confectionery applications
  • No tempering required and therefore possesses fast setting and meltdown properties

N’Chox (Transfree) Range



N’Chox 355E TF is a non-hydrogenated lauric CBS.


Is recommended for use in moulded or compound chocolate, coating and other confectionery applications


12 months*


Available in 20kg or 25kg cartons with PE liners 


Halal and Kosher

* Conditions apply


Comparison of N'Chox series and Cocoa Butter

Comparison of N'Chox series and Cocoa Butter
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