Confectionary Fats

From Coating Fats to Filling Fats and Chocolate Spreads, the Premium Group offers a wide range of highly specialized Cocoa Butter Alternatives (CBA) used in the confectionery industry to manufacture a wide range of products such as chocolates, toffees, wafers and cereal bars. Our confectionery fats are used to replace cocoa butter partially or completely and offer our clients many significant benefits such as a good melting profile, an excellent release of flavour, improved shelf life and of course, cost effectiveness.

  • Cocoa Butter Replacers (CBR)

    Cocoa Butter Replacers (CBR)

    CBRs are non-lauric, non-tempered, hardened fats that have moderate compatibility with cocoa butter. While the chemical properties of CBRs are different to cocoa butter, they share a similar distribution of fatty acids and can be used to supplement formulates which contain up to 20% cocoa butter and/or other non lauric fats. CBRs are characterized by resistance to blooming, very good gloss and gloss retention and longer shelf life and are extensively used for moulding and enrobing applications.

  • Coating Fats

    Coating Fats

    Coating Fats are lauric based fats that are fractionated and partially or fully hydrogenated. Coating Fats have a significant advantage over chocolate fats since they don’t melt as readily in warm, sunny temperatures. The Premium range of coating fats are bland and odourless with excellent palatability and are used in coating diverse products such as biscuits, wafers and nuts.

  • Filling Fats/Creaming Fats

    Filling Fats/Creaming Fats

    Premium’s filling and creaming fats are lauric based fats that are fractionated and partially or fully hydrogenated. The range of filling fats are bland and neutral in taste and flavour and are used for many different applications such as biscuit creaming, toffee filling and as centre applications in wafers, crackers, nuts and caramel.

  • Chocolate Spreads

    Chocolate Spreads

    The Premium product portfolio includes highly stable non-lauric fats that are an excellent base for fat continuous products such as chocolate flavoured spreads and peanut butter spreads. Such fats are characterized by excellent spread-ability, strong flavour release, and prevention of oil exudation. 

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