Sorin is a refined, bleached and deodorized hydrogenated hard fraction of palm oil. It is odourless and bland and is excellent as a fat base for dehydrated soup stocks and is also used in margarine formulations.


  • Used as a binding agent for the bakery industry
  • Imparts better stabilization of the dough compared to softer fats
  • Imparts better crumb structure
  • Is Halal and Kosher certified

Sorin Range



SORIN 100 is a refined, bleached and deodorised hydrogenated palm oil hard fraction 



It is excellent as a fat base for dehydrated soup stocks and also finds uses in margarine formulations. 


6 months*


  • Available in bulk and shipped in Isotankers or Parcel Tankers
  • Available in flake form in kraft paper polybags or HDPE woven bags
  • Available in 20kg cartons with PE liners 


Halal and Kosher

* Conditions apply


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Indian Sub Continent (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka) 5-14days (Kolkotta 14. Karachi 14, Chennai/Colombo 5-7, Nhava Sheva 8-9)
Middle East 12-15days
Red Sea 14-16days
South, East & West Africa 11-40days - (capetown 16, doula 40,port louis 11)
North Africa - Morocco, Egypt, Algeria 15-26days - (alexandria 15, casablanca 20, algiers 26)
Mediterranean (Turkey, Greece, Spain, Southern France) 21-23days
Baltic (Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria) 30days
North Europe 20days (Hamburg, Rotterdam)
North America (USA -Canada) - East Coast 28-30days
North America (USA -Canada) - West Coast 25days
South America 38-40days
Intra Asia - Thailand, China, Philippines 3-16days - bangkok 3, china 6-7days, cebu 16days
Australia, New Zealand & Japan 9-10days
CIS - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan 50-60days

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