Bakery Fats

Premium possesses a range of specialty fats used to provide bakery products with their texture and taste by imparting tenderness, richness and flakiness. These premium quality bakery fats which are able to release flavour slowly and impart a creamy sensation, have been developed for various applications, including cake and bread, croissants, Danish pastry, short pastry and puff pastry.

  • Shortenings


    Premium Shortenings are specially texturised with low specific weight to impart good plasticity, smooth consistency to facilitate mixing, good leavening and tendering effect in all dough based products. They are used in most doughs and batters to impart a crisp and crumbly texture to baked products and increase the plasticity or workability of doughs. Shortenings possess desirable characteristics such as pleasant flavour, high degree of plasticity and prolonged storage life. 

  • Margarine & Butter Blends

    Margarine & Butter Blends

    Margarine is a semi-solid emulsion composed mainly of vegetable fats and water used both for spreading and for baking and cooking. Due to its wide range of functionalities, it is also commonly used as an ingredient in other food products, such as pastries and cookies. Margarine is universally formulated to contain minimum 80% fat and 16% water. It also contains a number of other ingredients (either water or fat soluble), being added to impart taste, flavour and aroma and enhance its physical, chemical and nutritional properties.

    Butter blends could be defined as margarines in which the fat blend consists of a mix of butter fats and vegetable fats and oils. Butter blends are mainly used for spreading and frying purposes.


  • Structural Transfree Hard Stock Fats

    Structural Transfree Hard Stock Fats

    Premium’s structural transfree hard stock fats are an excellent structural hard stock for the manufacturing of transfree margarines and shortenings. It provides the required body to fat blends without having to use any hydrogenated fat in the blend even at very low usage. Poly or mono unsaturated margarine and shortening blends with low unsaturated fatty acid levels can be achieved through the usage of our Structural Trans-free Hard Stock Fats.

  • Bakery Hard Stock

    Bakery Hard Stock

    Bakery hard stocks are used in the manufacturing of margarines, shortenings and vegetable ghee. They provide body, texture, and consistency to bakery products by stabilizing their emulsion properties throughout the product’s shelf life. These hard stocks can be customized to suit various product applications according to consumer demands for healthy and tasty products.

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