Premium’s LactoPlus is a rumen bypass fat made from pure vegetable oil based, non-hydrogenated fat without any carrier or additives. It is produced by selective dry fractionation of palm oil and has a minimum 75% of C16 (Palmitic Acid) which is highly digestible. The product is mostly saturated with a high melting point of minimum 57°C which bypasses the rumen with minimal digestion.


  • Increased milk yield of 3-5 litres per day
  • Reduces risk of ketosis 
  • Good digestibility of 96% 
  • High energy content: ME of 8,890 Kcal/kg
  • Butter fat percentage increase of 0.36% to 0.64%
  • Economical energy source increases the energy density of feed
  • Acetonemia problems are corrected with lower body weight loss
  • Non-corrosive, non-pungent and no risk of self-ignition as in calcium soap
  • Improvement of fertility phenomena including calving interval and insemination ratio
  • Milk protein increase by 0.07-0.08% with protein and casein content stabilization
  • Pure fat based product and not made from by-product fatty acid distillate, hence free from Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Not chemically processed or hydrogenated unlike other rumen bypass fat, hence free from residual nickel content
  • LactoPlus is not a calcium soap of fatty acid distillate or waste restaurant grease, hence considered a green product


LactoPlus Range



Lacto Plus is a pure vegetable oil based non-hydrogenated fat without any carrier or additives. It is produced by selective dry fractionation of palm oil. The product is a hard fat with a melting point >57.C. A specially developed selective fractionation technique is used to produce the product with high melting point without any necessity for hydrogenation. This product is flaked for easy handling and also available in bulk. The product can be spray-cooled for producing free flowing powder. Since the product is a non-hydrogenated hard fractionation of palm oil, it is free from trans fatty acid and also any traces to Nickel. This product can be declared as a non-hydrogenated as well as a transfree hard fat. LACTO-PLUS contains 80% saturated fatty acids out of which C16 fatty acids accounts for >75% 


It can be used as a by-pass or rumen protected fat and is a high energy feed additive for lactating cows. 


12 months*


Available in flakes or beads form in 25kg kraft polybags or HDPE woven bags 


Kosher, GMP+

* Conditions apply


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